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Purchasing A Ragdoll

Ragdoll Purchase Information

 If you are considering adding a Ragdoll Baby to your family, here are a few tips on selecting your kitten.

  • Purchase only from a reputable breeder that has a registered Cattery in one or more of the National Registries like TICA, CFA, or ACFA.  In order to register a Cattery the breeder must sign a Code of Ethics and abide by them.   


If possible visit the cattery and the kittens.  

  • Do the kittens or cats have runny or goopy eyes? 
  • Are any of the cats exhibiting signs of illness? 
  • Does it smell bad? 
  • When visiting the kittens do they run and hide?
  • Is the breeder willing to let the kittens go home at 8 weeks?
  • Are the kittens not spayed or neutered?
  • Is the kitten's price way below the going rate for Ragdoll kittens?
  • Does the breeder not offer "papers" for their kittens?

If the answer to any of the above is yes then kindly find your way to the door and look elsewhere.


  • Does the breeder show their Ragdolls?  Breeders that exhibit their Ragdolls show commitment to the breed and standard.  They are promoting their breed within the Cat Fancy.


  • Ask for references.  Breeders of healthy cats will gladly supply names and numbers or emails of past clients.  Don't hesitate to contact them and ask them how their cat is and if there were any problems.


  • Ask the breeder what testing they have done.  All Calirags Cats have been tested and are negative for for FIV, FeLV, and HCM.

Because Ragdolls have become very popular, many backyard breeders have popped up selling kittens at very low prices.  Please do not support their activities as most do not provide the care that ethical and responsible breeders do.  They will let the kittens go too soon and chances are will not have been to the vets.  These breeders are only interested in making money.  They do not test their cats and provide little socialization.  So the money you think you are saving upfront will most likely be used to treat for illnesses.  



 Every Calirags kitten is sold under contract.  Our contract is designed to protect the kitten and details the expectations and responsibilites of the buyer and breeder.  

  • Cats and kittens are free of all illnesses and parasites for 72hrs after delivery.
  • 3 year health guarantee against congenital or  genetic defects, and FIP.
  • Lifetime guarantee against death by HCM.
  • Cats and kittens will be indoor only.
  • Absolutely no declawing.


All of Calirag's pet and show kittens are spayed or neutered before going to their new homes.  

By the time our kittens go home they will have had two sets of FVRCP vaccines and dewormed.  They will have been vet checked at least twice and will have had their dose of Advantage.

Our kittens are handled multiple times daily from the day they are born.  Alot of individual attention is given so that they develop into a relaxed and confident cat.  Nothing beats a well socialized Ragdoll!  

Our kitten prices are $750.00. We sell all of our spayed or neutered kittens for this price including show quality kittens.  We do this because we love to see our babies in the rings so if you want a show quality kitten we may negotiate a showing requirement. 

Ragdoll kittens do very well in pairs.  There are many benefits to getting two kittens such as keeping each other out of trouble and having a playmate when you are gone.  If you are considering purchasing two kittens, we give a $100.00 discount off the price of a second kitten.

A deposit of $100.00 will reserve your kitten.  Deposits are generally refundable if a contract has not been signed,  kitten is under the age of 8 weeks, or prior to any visits to our cattery.   Please be sure a Ragdoll is right for you before you put down a deposit on one of our kittys.

Kittens can be seen in our home after they have had their first vaccinations.  Please do not visit another cattery on the day visiting us.  Kittens immune systems are developing and we try to limit their exposure as much as possible. 

Sometimes we  have older cats available at a nominal price. 

On some occasions we may offer Breeder and Show/Breeder  kittens to established Catterys only with references.



 Please contact us at anytime.  We are happy to answer any questions or provide more information.  

Calirags Ragdoll Cattery, Anaheim California, (714) 952-6992.

 Email: caliragsragdolls@aol.com 

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