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Ragdoll Information

About the Ragdoll Breed

 What is a Ragdoll?

Ragdolls are pointed cats with blue eyes.  They come in six colors and three main patterns.  In addition the Lynx (striping) pattern can be found.  Not all colors or patterns are recognized for championship by the different cat registries. 

 When Ragdolls are born their fur is white.  The color starts developing after a few days.  It usually takes two or more years for a Ragdoll's color to completely come in.

Ragdolls are large in size.  Although the average weight of Ragdolls is somewhere around 10-16lbs, it is not uncommon for altered males to reach 20lbs. 

The temperament is what makes the Ragdoll unique.  They are often referred to as  the "puppy dog" of cats.  They can be trained to play fetch and perform other tricks. 

Ragdolls become very attached to their owners and do not like to be left alone for long periods of time.  You'll often find them at your feet curious to see what you are doing and wanting to help. 

Most Ragdolls are not the literal lapcat.  They like to lay near or against you.  They possess a surprisingly soft meow for their size.



The History of Ragdoll Cats

The Ragdoll Breed started in Southern California by a woman named Ann Baker. Anne started working with the breed in 1963. The first Ragdolls were kittens of Josephine, a large white Angora type cat.

It is reported that Josephine suffered brain damage as a result of being struck by a car. Annís neighbors cared for Josephine at the local university and nursed her back to health.

As the story goes, Ann claimed that the accident somehow altered Josephine.  The kittens possessed an unusually docile temperament that caught Annís attention.

Ann acquired three of Josephineís kittens. Their names were Daddy Warbucks, Fugianna, and Buckwheat and they were the foundation cats of the Ragdoll breed.

Ann founded IRCA (The International Ragdoll Cat Association) and the Raggedy Ann Cattery. Her claims about Ragdolls are at the center of myths and controversies today. One such myth is that Ragdolls do not feel pain. Ragdolls feel pain just like all other cats.

Although these issues exist, the true fact is Ann Baker succeeded to establish this beautiful and popular breed. Today Ragdolls are accepted in all of the major cat registries. 



 Please contact us at anytime.  We are happy to answer any questions or provide more information.  

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